~ Five-Star Services at a Bargain Price ~

we offer all sorts of delicate desserts and beverages for conferences to satisfy clients’ needs. design few different types of afternoon delights for conference tea time.With the complement of high quality porcelain utensils and the considerate services,we aim to offer our clients a 5-star enjoyment during their coffee breaks, which shall make their conferences even more perfect!

Conference Delights Set

Type Drinks Dessert Price(NTD)
Economic Coffee & Tea - $66
Standard Coffee & Tea 3 desserts at your choice $99
Combo Coffee & Tea 4 desserts at your choice $121
Luxurious Coffee & Tea 6 desserts at your choice $165
  1. Please confirm the types and quantity of food three dayas before meetings.
  2. Please understand that we do not accept cancellations or changes of any sort on the due day.